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Negative quarterly for Google

I bought GOOG shares on Friday, we are almost – 50% from the highs of February.
Negative quarterly, why?
Various reasons, analyzing the company economic balance sheet , we can see a considerable increase in the number of employees going from 150,000 to approximately 186,000.
This is a symptom of a recovery expected in 2023, with projects in the pipeline, especially on augmented reality and the integration of the navigation system of autopilot cars.

The numbers of the core business, the marketing on the various proprietary channels (search engine, youtube) are almost unchanged, a symptom that, despite the period of severe crisis, Google remains the first point of reference on the web where companies invest to advertise. its products. Other than the discourse on meta for example, which had rather worrying numbers.

On the hardware side, it should be noted that the pixel 7 has been released in its two versions, which has not yet brought the numbers, so we have to wait for the next quarter to see the trend of what seems to be really a gem, as opposed to the disappointment that was the pixel 6.

To report the complete flop of the Stadia gaming platform, which could certainly be supported in a better way, but which, as it was for Google plus, was left there, to implode on itself.

Here sometimes one wonders how a company like google can do such interesting projects and then not support them properly.

In any case, the company is a money machine, the market has discounted a lot and I thought it was time to enter, aware of the fact that, should it go down to the $ 70 area, I will enter again, being a very important volumetric support.

Target the highs, as a partial exit, to take home the profits, so this is a trade that could last months if not years.

Happy trading
Lazy Bull


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