ENI Take profit (+50%) and Portfolio rebalance


High, very high volatility.

These are times when stocks move from traders to investors.
So it is right to accept drawdowns, obviously not in leverage and weighted, having liquidity to mediate when this problem passes.

However, there are some “favorable” situations even in these times, which help to rebalance the portfolio and create liquidity.

This is the case of Eni, the main Italian energy company, with a strong correlation with oil (sold last week with a profit of 165%, see my previous article), which is obviously retracing, after hitting $ 120 per barrel…

Set a stop profit reached today with an overall profit of just over 50%.

I also rebalanced the very long-term portfolio, selling part of my benchmark energy ETF with a 144% profit.

Of course not all that glitters is gold; I had to accept a heavy stop-loss on BIDU and PLTR (partial).

I added some more gold and MSCI World for the very long-term portfolio.

The advice I can give to those who are investing and swing trading at the moment is to remain liquid and enter only and only on very extreme levels, already well established through volumetric analysis.

Forget the technical analysis. You know what I think, but particularly in these moments, it is garbage.


Happy trading and God bless all those who are suffering from an absurd war. Of any ethnicity, nationality, or religion.




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