Visa (V) Updates

Very positive Friday for Visa, which opens in Gap up and closes the day with an important + 10.60%.

Positive earnings and a recent drop due more to take profit and emotional sell-off on the news regarding the dispute with Amazon UK, had created excellent buying opportunities for the world’s leading credit card company.


As documented in previous posts, I bought $ 212 in the area and was ready to trade at $ 190, without being executed for 10 cents … hey, that’s trading!


Now, for those who want to hold the stock for the long term, the recent upside matters to a certain extent, indeed, if it retraces it would be an opportunity to accumulate.


For those who are looking for a profit and had entered around my average purchase price or better, an interesting first level is in the $ 232 area, where we have both the POC of the last 6 months and a gap to close.

It is likely that when it reaches that level, the price will suffer and retrace.


Let’s remember that, as soon as the dispute with Amazon is resolved, the action could have a session similar to the one on Friday and, of course, the opposite is also true so I recommend following the story.


Happy trading

Lazy Bull


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Lazy Bull