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Despite being clearly linked to oil, ENI has long since embarked on the path of investing in renewable energy.

A healthy, solid company with well-defined objectives, after the collapse of COVID, it has been able to recover well.

Graphically, after the low created at the end of October, the price began a bullish phase very well accompanied by institutional volumes.

The detachment of the dividend will take place on 24th May, which will be of a gross € 0.24 per share, very interesting for those who entered during the first climb, which began in November 2020.

The price from the end of March 21 fluctuates between € 10 and € 10.63. Often at the ex-dividend, the price undergoes a decline that can be more or less violent, as far as I’m concerned I would evaluate the following levels to increase my position: 9.18 and 8.41.

If, on the other hand, the bullish phase were to continue breaking the resistance in the 10.63 area, the first target for me (where I would certainly take home part of the profits) is € 13.

After a very difficult March and April for technology companies (Facebook aside) and the sector rotation that took place, with the massive vaccination and the resumption of tourism, oil stocks can only decrease and the price will rise. For this reason, I believe that the target of € 13 could be reached by the end of the year, as long as no dramatic situations such as aggressive virus variant and new lockdowns occur.

I believe ENI is still a good investment, albeit not at a super attractive price like the entry price between € 7 and € 9.

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