American Airlines (AAL) Update

After 14 days of laterality, where the price tried 4 times to break the barrier of $ 22.50, on Friday American Airlines (AAL) gave a sign of strength, breaking the resistance and closing the session at 23 , $ 37 per share.

The trend is confirmed as bullish, obviously correlated to the trend of oil (which I will analyze in another article) and vaccines.

In the next week we will see if the stock manages to break the resistance trendline in the 23.68 area, if it does not, there could be a pullback on the 20 EMA or on the support trendline, which would represent a good buying opportunity.

The first price target for me is and remains $ 30, which is the price that AAL had at the beginning of February 2020, before the collapse caused by COVID-19.

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