AIRBNB (ABNB) The 2021 Christmas sales continue …

The 2021 Christmas sales continue …

Fear of the new Omicron variant, inflation, tapering … it seems that everything goes against the Christmas rally in this troubled 2021.

What is the reaction of a rational and cold investor? The answer is one and only one, buy, as far as I’m concerned.

I take for example Airbnb (ABNB), a company on which, whoever follows me knows, I believe blindly. I added stocks when the price hit the $ 166 level on December 1, significantly increasing the percentage in my portfolio.

Should the price continue to fall, I will accumulate again at 149.50, POC from the price of a year ago.

The mindset is always the same, to buy on important volumetric levels when the market “offers” discounts.

The time horizon is obviously important, my analyzes are always aimed at analyzing the merchant in the medium-long or very long term.
In this specific case, very long term, because I want to stay in Airbnb for a long time.

For those who are looking for a target in the short, medium term, the targets are the following:

– 175.50 first take profit
– 185 important volumetric level where sellers have taken over recently
– 210 close to the November highs

In the hope that the Omicron variant will not prove aggressive and that the vaccines continue to work, for my part I wish you a happy Sunday and we hope that the market gives us a small rally …

Happy trading

Lazy Bull



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