After accumulating heavily between May and July, the time to rebalance the ETF portfolio is approaching. It has been a planting year, the partial harvest could come very soon. Despite
Google (GOOG) Trade Updates I entered November (see previous post) near the bottom with a price of 85.87, a profit of 13% so far, but the road is still long.
Amazon (AMZN) Trade Updates Amazon arrives in the volumetric accumulation zone of the last 2 years. the price reacted in the best way both on the weekly and on the
Negative quarterly for Google I bought GOOG shares on Friday, we are almost – 50% from the highs of February. Negative quarterly, why? Various reasons, analyzing the company economic balance sheet , we can see
Buy when others are afraid … Warren Buffett said. I have always followed this phrase and have almost always had region, but I dare to say ALWAYS, speaking of ETFs
Excellent quarterly reports for The Walt Disney Company. The strong recovery in tourism in its theme parks has driven the company’s profits with a resounding + 600%.   Streaming revenues