Time to rebalance Building and maintaining a portfolio of ETFs has always been at the heart of my practice, supported by a few well-selected companies. In this case, we are
A day of indecision on the markets yesterday, Meta performed well instead. I decided to take home a good part of the profits, at the end of the day, considering
Meta, the company that owned Facebook and Instagram, released its first quarterly report for 2023, revealing a solid quarter for the company. The company reported total revenue of $18 billion,
Time to take home some of the profits +34% and all-time high achieved We say “overextended”, after the dividend, usually, I would have expected a pullback, but Apple has continued
Alphabet (GOOG) Post Quarterly Analysis 1Q23 In a moment of market uncertainty, the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin surprises expectations both in terms of profits and sales.