Lazy Bull
5 Nov 2022
Negative quarterly for Google I bought GOOG shares on Friday, we are almost – 50% from the highs of February. Negative quarterly, why? Various reasons, analyzing the company economic balance sheet , we can see
24 Sep 2022
Buy when others are afraid … Warren Buffett said. I have always followed this phrase and have almost always had region, but I dare to say ALWAYS, speaking of ETFs
14 Aug 2022
Excellent quarterly reports for The Walt Disney Company. The strong recovery in tourism in its theme parks has driven the company’s profits with a resounding + 600%.   Streaming revenues
31 Jul 2022
Closing of the GAP at the end of April for Amazon, which had lateralized after the split. In a week characterized by a positive reaction from the markets, thanks to
4 Jun 2022
After a Friday characterized by a choppy market, only to close with a small liquidation at 4107 ( futures ), indecision still reigns among investors and it is understandable, considering the macro
21 May 2022
Bear market? Yes, an increasingly similar 2022, even worse, to 2018. This is already what we are experiencing on the financial markets.   Hard times for long traders, for swing
17 Apr 2022
2022 has so far left a bad taste in the mouth of many investors; the best international funds are for the most part negative, not to mention ETFs heavily exposed
After a month of war, the markets made a major rebound and I took profit in some trades, which I share privately in my mentorship. I comment one publicly, namely