Airbnb (ABNB) Take profit and risk free trade

Airbnb, rebalancing and stop at 0

Stock picking is one of the most complicated things, especially in the long term.
Airbnb (ABNB) is the result of a study I carried out years ago shortly after its listing, the market cap, is higher than historic tourism giants, and the business model and growth possibilities remain important.

Its main competitor (Booking) has done better, incorporating the tourist rental business into the enormous hotel database, increasingly becoming the point of reference in the sector.

A sector in which I continue to believe but …

How sustainable can it be?

Short-term rentals are out of control now, heavily influencing the cost or even the very EXISTENCE of long-term or “canonical” rentals. Here ethical and political aspects come into play.
It is becoming a problem in some areas even outside the big cities, for those who cannot afford rent which very often equals their salary, when it goes well.

From a graphic point of view, the stock is in an uptrend, and the macroeconomic data have always been positive apart from the last earnings, -183%, an alarm bell which, added to my reasoning, leads me to diversify, while continuing to believe in the tourism sector.

I take home all the profit generated and set the stop at 0.

I am doing a study on the best sector ETF, to include the capital allocated to ABNB, which I hope will continue to grow.

Possible scenarios:

at 152.70: I completely exit the remaining position and reinvest the amount in an ETF (which will be communicated once done)

Rebalancing target: historical high in the $220 area

I’ll keep you up-to-date

Happy trading
Lazy Bull





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