META TAKE PROFIT (+ 111% !!!)

January 2024

After the important portfolio rebalancing at the beginning of the year, Meta shares also reach the target.

after a more than positive Christmas rally, supported by the market, I brought home a generous 111% (slightly better at the time of order execution).

As always they are part of the profits because Meta is one of those companies in my portfolio.

Now watch out for the quarterly which will tell us a lot about this latest rise. I am curious, especially about the new projects on augmented reality and the application of AI in its social and VR platforms.
On the other hand, the European “ban” on ads and the rumour about a possible “subscription” to bypass them are a heavy question mark for a market, even if secondary, still important and strongly connected to the United States.

Next target:

we are close to $400, if the quarterly reports are in line or beat expectations, the price will likely at least be tested.

Otherwise, if a new retracement were to start, we could easily find the price between $333 and $300 in the area. A level where I would otherwise return to buy.

Happy trading
Lazy Bull


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Lazy Bull