META Trade Updates (+32%)

Positive quarterly results for Zuckerberg’s company, owner of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and pioneer of the metaverse (after the acquisition of the Oculus group).

Revenues totaled $28.6 billion.
Revenues from virtual reality and augmented reality technologies: $339 million
In general from Trading View Ernings + 8.86% above analysts’ estimates
Revenues + 3.53% above estimates

Like the phoenix, Meta, given up for dead several times in its history (2018 and 2022), rises from its ashes, once again proving to be a very solid company.

From a technical and volumetric point of view, there is a chasm to fill, a GAP down dating back to February 2022, a volumetric hole,where the price went from $328 per share to $244 at the opening of the following day, the beginning of a negative trend that it is about to be recovered.

In December 2022 META had reached a worrying – 77% from the highs, the period where I bought.

Now I’m up with a +32% profit with an average price of around $187.

Short-term target: closing of the $244-248 GAP
Average target: $300
Long-term target: historical highs (where to rebalance in the case of a portfolio)

Happy trading
Lazy Bull


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Lazy Bull