GOOG trade updates (+20%)

Recap on my position on Google, Apple and Facebook, the 3 bit techs I have in my portfolio.

Google spectacular entry and obviously also lucky. ($85.94)
There is still a long way to go, for a share that from the highs of February 22, at the time of my entry had lost about 45%.

I remain in position with a generous 20% profit, there is a lot of volume structure to recover, and it is not yet the time to bring home part of the profits.

As always, I give some indications purely for personal purposes:

Short-term target: $115
Medium-term target: $125
Long-term target (mine): Historical highs

So I find myself holding the stock indefinitely, I’ll take home something for $125 to cover operating costs but I don’t want to do anything else.

If the price retraces I have other entry levels that I mentioned in previous posts.

I also leave my update on Apple (up 23%) and Meta (+18%).

All in all, a good month.
Keep moving forward!

Happy trading
Lazy Bull


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Lazy Bull