Google (GOOG) Trade Updates

I entered November (see previous post) near the bottom with a price of 85.87, a profit of 13% so far, but the road is still long.

The volume knot near POC held up well, but the upper areas are very well covered.
Here too, as for AMZN, my target is the historical highs, even if for the medium term, the target is $115-120.

To keep an eye on earnings, Google is a company that I personally consider on a par with Apple, despite having a lower market cap, but has recently had some internal problems, which have seen significant layoffs in the staff.

This could also be positive in terms of the budget, you always have to look at the bigger picture.

Artificial intelligence, automatic driving and augmented reality remain the sectors to be monitored, clearly the core business remains the search engine and the revenues from the ads generated, also pay attention to the technology used in the Stadia project; it could be resold under license to other giants of the video game industry.

In conclusion, very negative earnings could push the price towards the $70 level, where I would increase my position.


short: get out now
medium: 115-120$
long : $151

Happy trading
Lazy Bull

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Lazy Bull