Weekly updates

After a Friday characterized by a choppy market, only to close with a small liquidation at 4107 ( futures ), indecision still reigns among investors and it is understandable, considering the macro economic data and commodities .

My own commodity ETF performs + 158%

Normally June is a month of rebalancing, although obviously, we are living in a particular historical period and I don’t think I am relieving myself heavily.

Interesting week for Amazon ( AMZN ) with an upcoming historical split of 20/1 that will, in my opinion, lead to numerous purchases on the stock that opens, after years, to small investors.

Apple ( AAPL ) after a good week, closes with a bad day, driven by the market, the upcoming conference and the products presented will be important. Net of market movements related to the Nasdaq or S&P Apple remains the excellence of American companies, in my opinion so solid that it is considered a new safe haven for long time investors.

Happy trading

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