Activision – Blizzard (ATVI) Take Profit

Activision (ATVI) Take Profit 


Time to take profit


After the news of the acquisition by Microsoft for nearly 70 billion dollars, Activision (ATVI) jumps to + 32% from the close on January 14.


If you followed me you will know that my average price was $ 70.71 and at the opening on 1/18 I sold the entire position, taking home the profit, with a gain of 22.64%.


Another good trade to start 2022, which saw me in drawdown for most of the trade.

Obviously I’m not saying that I expected this, because my trading has always been transparent and visible to everyone, I am one of the very few who says things before doing them and if the reasons why I invested in Activision are well explained in previous posts , but clearly, I was expecting a reversal, even a violent one, but not a 32% gap up. This acquisition, which among other things adds yet another arrow to Microsoft’s bow, was not expected and, as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t even have any rumors.


A huge trade, therefore, it would have been even more profitable if the price had touched $ 55, where I would have mediated the price further.


Happy trading

Lazy Bull


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