Activision – Blizzard Update

After entering $ 78 in September, the price dropped almost to my second limit order at $ 71, and then began what could be a bullish phase.

The price bounces right on the POC of the last 18 months and then shows strength on Thursday.

The Earnings next week could give the definitive answer and in practice, I will cancel the limit order because if there is a negative situation, the price could also fall below $ 70.

At least I’m waiting because in case there will be a major retracement, the next levels to accumulate are $ 66 and $ 60.

If there will be interesting Earnings, the targets are:

– $ 85 (short term target)
– 90 $ (important volumetric resistance.
– $ 100 (volumetric node close to the all-time high where the price could retrace or lateralize creating an accumulation situation)

Happy trading

Lazy Bull



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Lazy Bull