Stellar XLM Updates

XLM Stellar Updates

While the arrival of the first physical replication Bitcoin ETF in the United States appears imminent, an event that would completely revolutionize the vision and accessibility of the crypto sphere, by investors who do not have the time and/or desire to invest through a wallet, BTC comes to the all-important level of $ 55,000, previously accumulated.

ETHEREUM and ALTCOIN also all move like their big sister and today we are going to analyze Stellar (XLM) which reaches the 200 moving average again, a very important level that has again rejected the price on 7 and 9 October.

Exceeding the average and subsequently, the € 0.36 ($ 0.43) level could give rise to a significant rise.
But above all, Bloomberg News, the partnership with Moneygram is now official and this could be the beginning of the rise of one of the most promising cryptocurrencies.

From a graphical point of view, the low of 20 September confirms for now the upward trend that began after the double low of June and July. Dynamic support was created, highlighted by the up trendline. However, this trend will have to be confirmed, as previously mentioned by the breaking of the graphic and volumetric resistance in the € 0.36 zone ($ 0.43) which, moreover, remains the first price target for short-term trading.

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