SARAS (SRS) Target reached

Saras target reached

Double maximum reached for the oil extraction company, led by Massimo Moratti.
Also thanks to the oil rally, the price reached the very well-defined volumetric level.

The company is not traveling in good water, with the president Moratti who gave up his remuneration as CEO to distribute it to his employees, a nice gesture, but an indication of poor health for the company.

This is why I liquidated all positions after the abrupt discharge on 28 September, then fortunately recovered on Thursday and Friday.

Double maximum, therefore, the possible pullback in the short term, with the moving average 200 as the ideal entry-level; if the rebound poisoned first, a bullish trendline would finally be created that we will be able to take into account for the future, always, let’s remember, with an eye to the fundamental values ​​of the company!

Profit, over 45% anyway. Great trade.

As always, I enclose the proof of what I write for correctness and transparency.

Lazy Bull


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