Update on Ethereum, on this Sunday at the end of September.

After the price hit the two targets I had predicted in the previous article, it kissed € 3,387 on September 3, and then suffered, following Bitcoin, the heavy sell-off of September 7, which reversed the trend of the largest share part of the cryptocurrencies.

At this time, although we are still clearly in a bearish trend, we can see that the price reacted three times to € 2350. We could find ourselves facing an upward reversal, with the probabilities that will increase if the daily candle today or in the next few days closes above € 2706.

The relative strength of Ethereum always proves to be on a par if not even greater than that of Bitcoin and it is no secret that many institutions consider it even more important, in a future key than the mother of cryptocurrencies.

If the scenario were to come true, my updated medium-long term targets are:

– € 2800 (accumulation lasted the entire month of August)
– € 3200
– € 3600 (all time high

If the price should break the € 2260 then we should start planning new fats (in the case of buy & hold) or a stop-loss if you trade. In any case, interesting entry levels in my opinion are:

– 2000 € (psychological threshold and resistance in July)
– 1500 € (very important level, double low which marked the restart of the positive trend in July)

Happy Sunday everyone and good trading.

Lazy Bull


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Lazy Bull