Apple Target reached (AAPL) Updates

Time for quarterly and especially for those at the end of July, time to take home some profit.

In the case of Apple (AAPL), the price has reached the predetermined target (see the previous article) so I close some positions in profit, considering that the price has reached an all-time high of January 25th.
I, therefore, foresee a possible reversal for profit-taking and a summer “break”, with a possible return to the 200 average.

When the conditions are right I will add positions for the possible Christmas “rally”.

From a graphic and volumetric point of view, an important break of $ 138, also made with good strength and excellent volumes.
138 which could now act as support even if the most interesting level for an entry in my opinion is the zone between $ 132 and $ 135.
Or in any case in the price zone where the SMA200 will extend.

From an institutional point of view, both JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley maintain an accumulation positioning and the average, from Yahoo Finance, for the medium term ranges from $ 159 to $ 185.
Figures that leave the time they find, but still, estimates that everyone looks at.

Possible to reach above $ 160 by the end of the year, but a market reversal must come sooner or later.

Lazy Bull


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Lazy Bull