XIAOMI (3CP Updates)

After a positive end of May, strengthened by earnings per share which reached 0.311 with revenues at 76.88B, exceeding expectations, Xiaomi (3CP listed on Frankfurt), after a natural reversal, remains in a bullish phase and the recent gap down in the area SMA200 gave me the opportunity to increase my stock accumulation plan, on which, precisely for those who have not read my previous article, I am investing for the long term.

The entry price is now slightly higher at € 2.70

The POC is in the 2.88 area.

Breaking this resistance would mean triggering the second bullish impulse, which for medium-term traders could reach the 61.8 Fibonacci area (see chart).

For those who want to keep the title for a long time, we are in a key moment of continuation of the trend or of a possible reversal.
Should the price, close below the moving average at 200 periods, the first support to be taken into consideration for a possible purchase would be the support trendline (yellow line on the chart), should the most important level fall further, even looking at volumes, it is in € 2.36 area.

A good Sunday to all.

Lazy Bull



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Lazy Bull