American Airline (AAL) Updates

A small “gift” today, speaking of American Airlines.
A sneak peek into what it means to be part of the private Discord group that will be launched this year.
Volumetric analysis and position management to limit risk, constantly updated, to follow my operations, always for information purposes.

As you can see we have reached a turning point, both as regards the 786 Fibonacci level, which among other things coincides with a gap created at the end of February 2020, and for the volumetric levels, i.e. the price exchanges, verified. on certain values.

26 (25.95 to be more sure) is the target.

This week there will be the Earnings, the forecasts are bad, obviously, so a positive surprise could give the final boost to the title to reach and exceed the target.
Realistically, however, AAL really seems to have run out of energy, the week just ended was further proof of that. Low volumes, unloading of the stock which then closes below the support trendline it had held since January 21.

The price space is very low, sometimes it happens that there can be 1 or 2 positive days before the earnings. We’ll see.

My “stop profit” is very tight, in the area of ​​21.61, if it is taken it will still be one of the best trading operations of the year.

I am also attaching the 30-minute chart, which shows in more detail how the volumes, after the target, are literally insignificant.

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