Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

In my work, I always try to combine fundamental analysis and technical analysis.
They are both important, especially on a topic as important as the covid vaccine.
Johnson & Johnson is about to be marketed, after the approval of the EMA on 11 March.
Exactly after the announcement, I bought the stock.
The JnJ vaccine has a much lower distribution cost than Pfizer since it can be stored at refrigerator temperatures, like AstraZeneca.
The difference is in the prestige and history that the company has.

Moreover, the share according to the average of analysts, raised by Yahoo finance, still has ample room for growth, with an average target of $ 185 and a second “high” at $ 200.

Technically speaking, the price bounced off the bullish support trendline on Thursday, March 4th, and then broke the resistance trendline on the 12th, exactly the day after the announcement of the EMA’s approval.

The trend is clearly bullish, but, even keeping in mind the analysts’ opinion, I believe the first target in area 170 is more likely.
If everything goes well with the vaccine, the analyst targets could be greatly raised.

It is a different trade, to be constantly monitored with a trailing stop, in case there will be any hitches or cases of a block, as happened for AstraZeneca. Such an open market scenario would cause a crash, so you have to be ready to get out quickly.

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