Facebook Inc. (FB) Update

After an incredibly lazy February, Facebook (FB) gave a small sign of upside on March 11, which was almost totally eated the following day where the price tested again at the 20 EMA.

The break of the resistance trendline in the $ 270 area bodes well for the future, for a stock that, not hiding, has disappointed me for most of 2020.

The future of mobile gaming is getting out of hand to Facebook, which is present with its Ocucus Rift & Quest in VR, but which has not been able to carve out a place among the giants (Apple, Google and Microsoft) despite having a well-tested platform. .
The fact that it never made a turn, never built proprietary hardware (only bought Oculus), was a determining factor for a company that, in the end, lives on advertising.

The mid-long term view remains bullish.

1 price target: $ 286
2 price tag: 300 $

As usual, I will keep the position updated, but I anticipate that in the event FB reaches $ 300 I will liquidate the profits accrued so far, keeping the remaining shares with a very advantageous entry price even today.

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