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It’s time to rebalance the ETF that weighs the most in my portfolio. MSCI World (SWDA) hits an all-time high. I had purposely waited a bit this year to rebalance
Time to rebalance Building and maintaining a portfolio of ETFs has always been at the heart of my practice, supported by a few well-selected companies. In this case, we are
A day of indecision on the markets yesterday, Meta performed well instead. I decided to take home a good part of the profits, at the end of the day, considering
Meta, the company that owned Facebook and Instagram, released its first quarterly report for 2023, revealing a solid quarter for the company. The company reported total revenue of $18 billion,
Time to take home some of the profits +34% and all-time high achieved We say “overextended”, after the dividend, usually, I would have expected a pullback, but Apple has continued
Alphabet (GOOG) Post Quarterly Analysis 1Q23 In a moment of market uncertainty, the company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin surprises expectations both in terms of profits and sales.
Positive quarterly results for Zuckerberg’s company, owner of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and pioneer of the metaverse (after the acquisition of the Oculus group). Revenues totaled $28.6 billion. Revenues from virtual
Apple is one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. Apple’s market capitalization, i.e. the combined value of its shares, is currently over $2.5 trillion. The company was
Recap on my position on the GOLD (GC) that I have in my portfolio with the physically replicated ETC XAD1 on the Frankfurt stock exchange. From WS Italy: Ole Hansen,
Recap on my position on Google, Apple and Facebook, the 3 bit techs I have in my portfolio. Google spectacular entry and obviously also lucky. ($85.94) There is still a