SPY Volumetric analysis … a bounce or???

Hello everyone, after a bit of relaxation I’ll be back to update you here and on the various platforms.

2022, as we know and have now metabolized, will be remembered as a rather black year, how black the second half of the year will tell, which could take back one of the worst declines in the history of the S&P, or sink the blow further.

Let’s first analyze the SPY chart, where we can see, as always, that the volumes have supported the market rebounds, even in this slightly interlocutory summer phase.

After the first low volume node in area 410 was punctured, the market then rebounded in area 390, returning to retest the level. Subsequently, it has punctured until it reaches area 365, another low-volume node and now we are again in area 390. Classic downward trend.

In the last few days, however, we have had quite decisive uptrend days, it must be seen, being the third week of the month, where the monthly options expire, if they are movements aimed at directing the price in certain areas, pushed by institutional money, or it is the first reversal signal.

One thing is certain, either way, we will have a retracement, probably in the next week or the following. If it stops above the volume node in area 365, and then starts again, it will be an excellent signal.

The coming week will also be correlated with potentially very impactful news, which could raise volatility, so watch out for days 26, 27, and 28 where we will have the consumer confidence report, the FED meeting, and the GDP data for the second quarter, in this order.

As for my operations, I have only accumulated my portfolio of ETFs and I have medied on a few single shares (Apple and Airbnb). It is absolutely not the time to sell, this will come, and if we have “sown” wisely, we will have a good harvest.

While not doing speculative forex, trading 80% in USD, I always keep an eye on the EUR / USD. My “target” was the 1/1 , achieved, which made me earn a good percentage of the capital.
In times of downturns, at least the dollar brings some comfort.

I would like to point out the Gold, which arrived in a very important area, historically of rebound and volumetric accumulation. I have recently added on the related ETC which replicates the performance of the futures.

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Happy Trading
Lazy Bull



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