Bear market?

Bear market? Yes, an increasingly similar 2022, even worse, to 2018. This is already what we are experiencing on the financial markets.


Hard times for long traders, for swing traders, while golden opportunities for day traders, for those who know how to take advantage of moments of volatility. Volatility that hasn’t been seen in a while, especially on the S&P500.


As for me, having a very very strict risk management, for swing or day trading operations, I prefer to focus on the long-term portfolio, accumulating and rebalancing my ETF portfolio which is my real “safe haven” in difficult times.


It is during the downturn that stocks pass from the hands of traders to those of investors. One of the most truthful phrases I’ve ever heard since doing this job.


Returning to trading, the expectation for June 15-16 is felt by the market; uncertainty has never brought anything good, paradoxically a further .50 point hike from the FED but with falling inflation it would be welcomed by the market. The level of inflation is the most important thermometer, and it has reached such high levels that it bothered some analysts to remember the Volcker maneuver.


I don’t think so and I hope it will go that far. What is certain is that the Fed has waited too long to raise rates and international tension and the consequent increase in commodities has aggravated the situation.


It is no coincidence that the oil trade and my commodity ETF are the two biggest gains this year as far as I’m concerned.


I close by summarizing my recent activities:


Purchase (accumulation) on Apple (AAPL) close May 19

MSCI World ETF purchase (accumulation) 19 May close

Buy (accumulate) emerging markets ETFs May 19th close


Happy trading

Lazy bull


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Lazy Bull