Crude oil (CRUD) Take profit + 100% !!!

Difficult period, the market in January retraced from the highs of a decided 11%, after the end of the year had not been so excellent in terms of “Christmas rally”.

In these drawdown periods, in addition to cutting losses, accumulating on long-term portfolios, we must try to take home the profits where the market has overperformed.

In my case, oil gave me a + 100% price gain.

The instrument is an ETC which tracks the price of the CL futures! of which I have already written and it is the CRUD.

We are on almost 2-year highs, $ 86 per barrel, and US inventories are above expectations; In my opinion, there will be interventions at the international level to rebalance inflation which, in large part, is due precisely to the insane increase in raw materials.

So I sold, with a 100% gain on my position, since I have a very low purchase price.

For all the reasons I have described and also due to the fact that the market is clearly discounting the news of interest rates, it is, therefore, possible a decrease even fractionated until March-April, so in my opinion, it is very important to have the liquidity to invest when there will be the recovery.

Happy trading
Lazy Bull

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Lazy Bull