Apple (AAPL) Updates


In a week characterized by uncertainty on the markets, caused by the expected increase in interest rates by the FED,  Apple (AAPL) made headlines thanks to the fact that it was close to 3 billion in capitalization.

What is impressive is the incredible relative strength of the shares, which in a period of uncertainty and lateral Nasdaq, with also high volatility, have once again outperformed, exceeding 160 dollars and stopping in the 180 area.

Apple is strong enough to be seen by investors as a safe haven asset, where gold is not performing well at all, nor has it done during the 2020 covid crisis.

Bitcoin is too volatile, Ethereum by its nature is slightly less so, but even today I don’t see a better long-term equity asset than Apple.

Obviously, it is part of our very long-term portfolio, with an accumulation plan still in place (those who follow me know that I bought other shares upon returning to the average 200 periods (Daily) in June, which then corresponds to the volumetric POC of the whole of 2021 .

I think a retracement at this point is physiological, regardless of the macroeconomic scenarios, which obviously can accelerate the pull-back.

The levels to accumulate or enter are:

– 149 $: first significant volumetric node
– $ 140: volumetric support in the area where the price has accumulated from July to November
– 122 $: if it were to drop to this level, very difficult due to worrying scenarios, it would be excellent, given that we are on the POC of 2021


Personally I would never go in now, but for those in there, if there was a rebound, $ 180 would be a great TP, then of course the $ 200.

Let’s hope the market gives us a green week to close well before Christmas.

Happy trading.

Lazy Bull


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Lazy Bull