Let’s go back to talking about Ethereum, after having hit all the targets in my previous articles. Just click HERE to read them.

The long-term picture has not changed, I remain bullish and I remain confident that, in the long run, the more eco-friendly mining, the speed of the blockchain, and the investment “space” will bring Ethereum very close to Bitcoin.

In the medium term, the situation is different.

This month’s pull-back may not be over, although there is room for a Christmas rally to hit a November 10 high.

My forecast between now and the first months of 2022 is bearish, also considering the sinusoidal movement typical of Ethereum. A classic return to the average that could coincide with the Fibonacci 618 level and the volumetric node at $ 3200.

If my vision is correct, it will be important to see how these levels will hold up, because it would be a sign of ETH’s strength and solidity, especially from a long-term perspective.

All this is obviously in the absence of macro-economic scenarios that could upset the markets, including crypto, as happened in March 2020, where Ethereum lost 68%. That would mean going back to $ 1750, which is unlikely.

Happy trading

Lazy Bull

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Lazy Bull