Technogym (TGYM) Investing

Technogym, a top Italian company in terms of fitness equipment, excellence in the world of home fitness and gyms all over the world.

The company particularly suffered from the covid crisis and the closure of gyms due to lockdowns, and then recovered from the double bottom of October 2020, with a + 90% rally ended in May.

After a natural and physiological pullback, the price reached my alert, as we are exactly on the POC of the last year and a half of stock exchanges.

The news that then confirmed my entry was the + 21% net revenue in 2021, thanks to the reopening of the gyms.

As often happens, fundamental and “tactics” analysis (even if my trading is 90% based on volumes) coincide.

Target price:

– € 11 for those interested in the short term
– 11.5 € very important volumetric level where they will certainly close part of the position
– € 12.18 all-time high, resistance that is destined to be broken but where the price could stand or bounce

Should the price fall further, the entry or accumulation levels to mediate the price are € 8 and € 6.50.

The Earnings of March 2022 will be very important, still quite far away, in my opinion, there is time to touch at least € 11.50 per share.

Happy trading

Lazy Bull


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Lazy Bull