Apple (AAPL) Updates

Update on Apple, pending the September 14 event that will reveal the new products coming soon.

Interesting pull-back for those who, like me, hold the title for years (sometimes even for life), selling and buying on certain occasions.
The reversal of the price was the consequence of Activision’s court victory – Blizzard refused to pay 30% of the earnings to Apple itself for in-game transactions.
This ruling could have significant repercussions (we are talking about a few billions of dollars) since obviously, not only Activision-Blizzard was forced to pay Apple but also other important companies.

The pull-back could therefore continue, regardless of what will be shown on the 14th.

The entry levels (or the most interesting accumulation) are the following:

– 142.48 (first available)
– 135 important support
– 122 volumetric POC of 2021

If the price continues to grow, the targets are the same as those already affected in the previous Update, which is $ 160, while the average target price of the analysts stands at $ 167.
Subsequently, since there are no past references, I usually take home profits for every $ 20 I earn on Apple.

Some data:

Short float 0.59%
Perf Half Y 23.09%
This week: – 3.05%

Obviously, my view on the medium to long term remains Long.

As always u can find my position attached.

Happy trading.

Lazy Bull


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Lazy Bull