Apple (AAPL) Updates

Update after the Earnings of the Cupertino club at the end of April.

The results beat expectations by 42%, rumors about a new hybrid gaming console follow one another, excellent sales of the iPhone 12 and the new iPads presented with integrated M1 chipset are very promising.

The sector to improve, certainly the Apple Plus video streaming service, which is clearly behind Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime.

The future is very bright in my opinion, it has been a while since Apple did not seem so full of new initiatives and quality products, which in my opinion was a bit lost after Iphone X.

From a graphical point of view, the price, since the split at the end of August, has fluctuated between 138 and 100 dollars, creating the classic “return” to the average of 200 periods, much followed by the institutional investors.

The support trend line also seems to hold with the price reacting very well at the end of March and more recently on May 4th.

The breakout of $ 138-140 could mark the beginning of a new bullish phase with the target $ 150 in a relatively short time.

Historically, Apple is not an action that is particularly affected by the summer period, although towards the end of August, in conjunction with the new E, there may be a new exhaust.

For those like me who invest in Apple in the long run, following the trend line to make new purchases could be a good idea, while in the case of sudden declines, the most important levels are in the $ 120 area and then $ 107.

Regarding short-term trading here are my targets:

$ 137
$ 141
$ 146

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