Johnson & Johnson (JNJ) StopLoss

Unfortunately, trading is also made up of losses, the important thing is to cut them immediately and that possibly there is always a ratio of at least 1: 3 with the gains.

The news of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine block in some US states caused a sharp drop in the price, which could and could still turn into a collapse capable of reaching $ 150 or more.

I had already said that I would have managed the position with a trailing stop, unfortunately on the day of April 13th JNJ opened with a GAP of -3.17% after the day of the 12th had closed positive, “holding” the EMA 50.

The GAP slightly increased my loss, which however remained modest, having a good entry point.

The price then reacted for two consecutive sessions, creating minor support in the 156.53 area.

As far as I am concerned, it is not the case to enter at the moment, considering the delicate moment, where any further negative news could cause the title to fall even heavily.

Interesting new entry levels should the downtrend continue: $ 151 and $ 146.

If instead, the situation improves it will be interesting to see the price reaction once the bearish trendline is broken.

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